What is paid digital?

Paid digital (also known as PPC) covers a range of tools and tactics used to get your products and services in front of the most valuable audience at the most valuable moment. Our paid digital approach includes paid search, paid social media, display network advertising and remarketing.


What we do

Whether it’s awareness, engagement, leads or transactions, our Paid Digital team can manage your PPC accounts and optimise every part of your campaign to make sure you get the best possible return for your spend.

How we do it

Our Paid Digital team use data and insight to define the best PPC strategy and tactics to meet your business objectives. We manage your account to maximise your return on investment. Whether it’s generating leads or transactions (revenue), we are continuously looking to make each conversion as profitable as possible.

What you get

New opportunities

We carry out paid audits that prioritise opportunities and make recommendations for the most impact. The best bit is that our reports are written by us, not an automated tool

Budget efficiency

We maximise your media budget by ensuring your highest-converting, cost-effective keywords are shown for as many searches as possible

Ad copy optimisation

Further uses data and insight to ensure your ads provide the answers searchers really want

Device management

We monitor performance by device and make bid adjustments or implement scheduling to maximise your return


We often use geo-targeting to make sure you’re getting in front of the most valuable audience

Improved scheduling

We monitor ad performance over days and weeks to define the best times to serve your ad to get the best response for your spend

Case study

10 Years of 'Most Wanted' campaign

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