Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

Even the smallest changes to your website can significantly improve conversion rates. Using performance data and analytics and qualitative user testing, we’ll optimise conversion rates for your site, ensuring your user journey works hard for you and your spend.

Tracking audit

Before you make decisions based on your analytics data, it’s imperative to ensure that correct data is being tracked to avoid drawing inaccurate conclusions. We therefore first check the configuration and implementation of your analytics, and ensure that the right goals and conversions are being tracked to effectively assess your business performance.

User journey analysis

Visitors to your website fall into different categories and types. By defining and identifying your visitors, and the journeys they need to take through your website, we can identify areas for improvement and plot a successful user experience that will result in leads or sales.

Conversion audits

Bounce rates, exit pages, scrolls and clicks can all create a bottleneck to the point of conversion. We analyse and study user behaviour on your website using Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst or other analytics packages. This allows us to identify and correct design or content problems, and improve future traffic.


Understanding how your customers engage with your website and its messaging means we can advise you how to improve your site’s user journey and brand experience to best meet their needs. Using tools such as Hotjar, we visually interpret clicks, taps and scrolls to help understand what your users really want.

Session recordings and surveys

What better way of finding out how customers really use your site than going straight to the source? With the aid of tools such as UserTesting and SurveyMonkey, we study recordings of user interactions and ask key questions of those visiting your site. Once complete, we distil this information into actionable insights for your company.

A/B testing

Once we’ve assessed where best to act on your site, it’s time to test. Testing allows you to quantify the value that our recommendations can produce, before you commit to the full design and development costs. We directly compare the current user experience of the identified key pages of your website with alternate versions we create, on which informed changes have been made to the design, copy and other elements.

“In my view, not enough attention is paid to conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Testing is key. It costs so little in relation to the additional returns it usually delivers. At Further, we make sure it works hand-in-hand with traffic generation.”

– Matthew Eastaugh, Conversion Analyst

Hawkin's Bazaar:
Happy (Predictive) Christmas22%increase in revenue

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