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British Film Institute

BFI player digital marketing campaign

As part of their Unlocking Film Heritage campaign, BFI wanted to start a pattern of outreaching to more niche digital publishers – Tumblrs, small blogs, sub-topic and sub-culture communities, forums, Facebook groups etc

the challenge

To raise awareness and social engagement of BFI Player. As part of their Unlocking Film Heritage campaign, BFI invited us to promote their unique collection of film to more niche digital publishers: Tumblrs, specialist blogs, sub-topic and sub-culture online communities, forums and Facebook groups etc. The goal: to spread the word among niche audiences about the online film collections available on BFI Player, and attract visits to the site. Our outreach was to work in tandem with the BFI’s standard editorial agreements and PR.

the solution

All good campaigns need a hook. Ours was the Tour de France, which was starting in Yorkshire that year. This gave us a target and subject matter to focus on. We scoured the BFI’s archive of turn of the century cycling films and chose a number of pieces which we felt would spark immediate interest with the audience.

We then researched and built a bespoke database of cycling and local history sites who we thought would be interested in hearing about the BFI’s cycling film.

Rather than send a blanket press release to each site, we selected specific films from the archive that we thought would have direct relevance to each individual publisher. We timed our contact with them carefully to ensure optimal response and action.

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'10 Years of Most Wanted' paid social campaign

Crimestoppers selected us from seven other agencies and tasked us with delivering a mini “week-long” campaign.

the challenge

Crimestoppers selected us from seven other agencies and tasked us with delivering a mini “week-long” campaign. The goal: to encourage visits to their site, encourage the public to come forward with information and raise awareness of the tenth anniversary of the “Most Wanted” initiative.

the solution

To utilise the gallery of suspects in a Facebook advertising campaign. By having regionally-targeted ads, we could feature those “Most Wanted” who were known to be last seen in, or from a specific area. This proved be very effective.

14 different ads were created and tested – some with generic messaging, others with the regional targeting . This approach allowed us to see which type of ad had the most influence on visits, conversions and cost per click (CPC). Each ad was monitored day by day and the campaign optimized to ensure it made optimum use of the very limited spend.

Campaign was a Finalist at the European Search Awards and Drum Search Awards 2016.

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