Nature's Menu
AdWords PPC Campaign £40.31return for every £1 spent

Nature's Menu - AdWords PPC Campaign

The challenge

Natures Menu is one of the UK’s leading experts in raw and natural pet food. The brand wanted to swiftly raise its visibility and educate pet owners on the benefits and availability of raw pet food. Commercially, it wanted to increase online sales, transactions and basket values, while lowering CPC.



The solution

Once on-site foundations were in place, Further’s Paid Digital team deployed PPC as the first activity in order to give the brand instant visibility and sales. The resulting data would help to inform the over-arching strategy, providing intelligence for the content marketing and conversion optimisation work. It began by targeting highly relevant, niche keywords. As the campaign started to prove a positive ROI, more generic keywords were gradually introduced to increase product and brand awareness for raw pet food.

The results

This 2013/14 campaign has delivered on every level. The client has seen a 455% increase in online transactions. Cost per conversion has plummeted from £3.14 at the start of the campaign in October 2013 to £1.83 twelve months later. The average basket value has increased by 81.9% while the headline-grabbing £40.31 in sales for every £1 ad spend has continually increased throughout the campaign. Return on PPC ad spend reached a record £58.31 to £1 spent in December 2014.

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