Hawkin's Bazaar:
Happy (Predictive) Christmas22%increase in revenue

The ‘Happy Predictive Christmas’ PPC campaign

At one of Hawkin’s Bazaar’s busiest times of the year, we needed to ensure that their PPC budget was working harder than ever before.

The challenge

The four month pre-Christmas period for Hawkin’s Bazaar is a critical time for their annual performance. For Christmas 2016 they challenged us to increase the overall revenue from PPC year-on-year whilst maintaining the same budget and reducing the reliance on bidding on brand-terms.

The solution

A core pillar of this work was our approach to conversion-led PPC, using Further’s own predictive modelling to identify KPIs and work to ROI targets from the outset. Further’s PPC team set about implementing the plan – using Channel Advisor to expand Shopping (PLA) campaigns. They set up automated bid rules which were based on the product’s profit margin to achieve a target ROI.

All products were segmented into shopping campaigns by profit margin, and by price bracket at adgroup level. This gave the team greater control of performance and allowed for more effective optimisation with profit at the very core of the strategy.

The results

The campaign achieved a 22% increase in revenue year on year with only a 1% increase in media spend.

Reliance on revenue from branded terms reduced from 82% to 67% and there was a reduction of cannibalisation between organic and paid terms.  The strategy also increased the brand’s awareness and drove new visitors to the site.

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