10 Years of 'Most Wanted' campaign34kclicks to the Facebook gallery

'10 Years of Most Wanted' social campaign

The challenge

Crimestoppers selected us from seven other agencies and tasked us with delivering a mini “week-long” campaign. The goal: to encourage visits to their site, encourage the public to come forward with information and raise awareness of the tenth anniversary of the “Most Wanted” initiative.


The solution

To utilise the gallery of suspects in a Facebook advertising campaign. By having regionally-targeted ads, we could feature those “Most Wanted” who were known to be last seen in, or from a specific area. This proved be very effective.

14 different ads were created and tested – some with generic messaging, others with the regional targeting . This approach allowed us to see which type of ad had the most influence on visits, conversions and cost per click (CPC). Each ad was monitored day by day and the campaign optimized to ensure it made optimum use of the very limited spend.

The results

The campaign exceeded expectations, reaching 1.3 million people on Facebook and over 70,000 engagements on the gallery (likes, comments and shares). It drove 40,000 clicks through to the website at a cost-per-click of only £0.07. But perhaps  the most important result of all: six people gave information to Crimestoppers which led to two physical arrests of featured suspects. This campaign was a double finalist in the European Search Awards 2016.

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