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Small Business Content Strategy #19 key terms moved to first in Google UK + US

The challenge

Internet security company AVG Technologies has more than 172 million active users around the world – and operates in a fiercely competitive market.

We were invited to increase the online visibility of AVG’s suite of products for small businesses. AVG’s SMB operation wanted to see positive coverage for the brand, growth in traffic from organic search and improved rankings for the keywords that were most likely to convert visitors to customers.

So how do you reach the target audience with content they will make time to read, explore and share with their peers? How do you persuade high authority publishers to feature your content? How do you increase organic search traffic?



The solution

Successful content-led search campaigns have three key components. First, expert technical consultancy to optimise a website for search. Second, on-site content that grabs attention. Finally, an effective outreach strategy to make sure the target audience gets to see the content. Our solution combined all three.

The expert consultancy spanned keyword research and technical recommendations about site optimisation. The content strategy was to create a suite of free resources that would be useful to entrepreneurs. The resources ranged from ebooks on digital security topics like “Bring Your Own Device”, to a security benchmarking tool, to a unique interactive infographic called “Trading Without Borders” which revealed the key ecommerce features of different international markets.

The results

Our audience focussed approach to content engaged audiences and improved organic performance for key terms. Nine key commercial terms moved to top position in Google in the UK and the US, including term ‘Internet security’ which moved for #2 from #19.

“We asked Further to run a content-led search marketing campaign that would demonstrate a clear return on investment” stated Paul Westwood, Marketing Manager, AVG SMB. “They delivered. Their high authority articles, interactive tools and info-graphics reached and engaged our target audience and delivered record organic search traffic and rankings for AVG SMB.”

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