Adrian Flux:
Driverless cars200pieces of branded

The World’s first driverless car policy

The challenge

Adrian Flux Insurance Services is a large UK-based insurance broker with around 1,000 staff and 600,000 policyholders. Our task was to make Flux stand out from the crowd of traditional insurance brokers and be the first broker to be recognised as embracing new technology – becoming the authoritative voice in this area.


The strategy

The team knew content marketing would be a vital tool to achieve the brand awareness and establish the tone of voice in the marketplace that the client was looking for. Social listening, search trend research and creative workshops led the team to the topic of ‘driverless cars’ – an emerging technology that continues to receive large amounts of press coverage.

But it wasn’t enough to just join the conversation we needed to cut-through with a relevant new angle. The answer: the world’s first driverless cars insurance policy.

We worked together with Flux and agency ToTheEnd to write the world’s first draft insurance policy for Driverless cars. We then ensured the success of the campaign by designing a content strategy and outreach activity around the policy. We created a dedicated Driverless car hub on the Flux site, which ensured the campaign gained traction and high-levels of engagement.


The results

200 pieces of branded coverage including pieces on news sites The Guardian, Washington Post and Daily Mail.

#5 rank for Driverless Car Insurance

47 links back to Adrian Flux which boosted rankings and search share across the Adrian Flux insurance brand.

Adrian Flux Group now has a representative (General Manager, Gerry Bucke) on two government and industry panels, lending the organisation’s expertise to the ongoing debates around driverless technology.

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