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My Work Experience Week at Further

Further comment: This week we’ve been lucky enough to be joined by Sam Bridges, a 15 year old work experience student from Hobart High School. We asked Sam to write a blog post to share his thoughts on the week!

At the end of year 10, students have to undergo a week of work experience. I chose to apply to work at Further Strategic Digital Marketing – this was because I knew my love for business and marketing would help me excel at the workplace and have a fun, enjoyable time.

That week was one of the best weeks of my life. I was able to apply my love of business to the tasks I was set. I learnt and applied new skills which separate members, of this almost “family-like” team, had taken the time out of their busy lives to help me understand the qualities of a digital agency and the hidden factors. I have learnt an incredible amount of new life-changing skills.

When I arrived on my first day on Monday 11th of July 2016, my first job was to meet all the people that are highly proficient in their individual jobs. After meeting all the lovely, friendly members of the team. I observed a “WIP” meeting (work in progress), making notes and listening intently to all that was going on and being said. This helped me as I was able to experience a real life meeting and gave me an insight on what to expect, if my aspiration to work in a digital agency should be successful. Plus, every day I had an hour for lunch, which was perfect as there’s a Subway right round the corner ;)

I think that one of the most important skills on which I can expand my knowledge, is of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will rank higher in search engine results pages.

Another important part to the business, and a useful part to know, is Google penalties and disavows. Disavowing is to prevent or remove links from other websites harming your rankings. I also learnt about Paid Search – another aspect of a Digital Agency such as Further. Paid search is effectively paying Google so that your ad appears in search results, and it is the first thing people see when searching a keyword relevant to the advert.

I really enjoyed auditing – looking at a website and being able to evaluate the positives and the negatives. The website I looked at was specifically one of Furthers clients, and it was great to have some hands-on experience of a real-life client. I reviewed their website and picked out the positives and the negatives, their target market etc. I then compared their website with some of their competitors to evaluate how other businesses selling the same things go about constructing the format of their website. I did all of this to ultimately be able to evaluate which website went about things in a better way. Finally I had to present my opinion and my findings to my supervisor.

One of my favourite tasks was when I was asked to draft a press release. This helped me to understand the starting points and key elements of a press release an outreach strategy, and was ultimately a valuable skill for me to start learning.

Looking forward and for my future, this week has seriously given me a huge insight into marketing and SEO, paid search etc. Therefore I am confident that when I leave school the career I want to pursue will have something to do with Digital Marketing or SEO. The reason for this mindset for my future is 100% down to Further; the opportunities, tasks and being able to talk to all the amazing people who work there. Ultimately this has driven and motivated me to pursue a career in this area of work.

The schedule for my week was fantastic. All of the tasks I was set were immensely interesting and fun to do; those factors motivated me to work extra hard to complete them to my highest standard possible. I also have to thank Daisy Kingham, Account Director – she created my schedule for the week and without the schedule that she created for me, my mindset towards the future could have been totally different.


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