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Further welcomes new Outreach Executive Sabrina Bucknole

by Gill
12th Jan 2017 - 2 min read

Further is happy to welcome Sabrina Bucknole as Outreach Executive. Here is Sabrina in her own words:

Name: Sabrina Bucknole

Place of origin: Lowestoft

Role at Further: Outreach Executive

Area of specialism: Creative Writing

Potted career history: After finishing university and graduating in September 2016 with a first-class honours in English and Drama, I was looking for some kind of career in writing. When I left uni, I had no idea what that career would be or how I would get there! I started doing some freelance writing for a marketing/media company which I thoroughly enjoyed. I wanted to do more in-house stuff but the opportunity wasn’t there. So, as a stereotypical graduate I took a few jobs in retail until I could find a job that would really interest and challenge me. Finally after a few more months of searching I found Further. After applying for the role, I started by doing some freelance writing and eventually I was offered a permanent position as an Outreach Executive. I love the creative writing side of the role, but I also enjoy learning about what the role of Outreach really means. For example, the technical side of the role that includes learning all the terminology and how processes like link building work in the bigger picture.

Proudest moment: Probably graduating with first-class honours. The feeling of all the hard work paying off was brilliant.

Interests: I enjoy acting, singing, and writing scripts.

Next on the bucket list: I want to travel to Italy.

Best piece of life advice:  Do what makes you happy.

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