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Following a successful 12-month transition period, we’re pleased to announce Further has now rebranded to become Gravity Global – Performance Marketing, part of Gravity Global.

We’re still the same team with the same leadership, offering the same world-class digital marketing services, but now with the power of a global group behind us. This website is no longer receiving updates – for all of the latest news and insights please visit

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Using seasonal search trends to boost your SEO

We all know that throughout the year keyword search volumes will go up and down. This is all perfectly normal and in most cases perfectly logical. A number of factors influence these trends and they vary from sector to sector. Planning for these seasonal trends is worth bearing in mind with regards to your search strategy.

Retail companies will generally be well ahead of the game with regards to seasonal trends, for instance increasing staff and stock levels to match the increase in demand. Other classic factors influencing search volumes include pay day, the economy, news and the weather.

Stay frosty and alert

In one way or another all of us in the UK were (and still are!) affected by the ‘The Big Freeze’. I’m a big fan of Winter which has even gained me the title of ‘Winter Man’ in the office. This love of the snow has precipitated into my Twitter activity. It wasn’t long before snow report tweets were firing off amongst the UK twitterati helped by the popular hashtag – #uksnow. A clever bod known as Ben Marsh developed a Google Maps mashup which incorporates snow reports via Twitter status updates. It’s easy to use and only requires a simple tweet format: Add the #uksnow hashtag, add the first part of your post code and then add a rating out of 10. The results from these tweets were then plotted live on to a map of the UK.

Photo credit: (NEODAAS/University of Dundee) Photo: PA

Snow SEO joke

This simple concept has provided a huge boost to Ben’s link credentials. His new incarnation of the snow mashup found at currently beholds an impressive Google Page Rank of 6. A quick look at this subdomain’s 3k+ inbound links shows a diverse range from high authority blogs and online newspapers such as the Guardian.

Photo credit: andriux-uk

Vision decision

It’s time to think ahead. How can your website take advantage of upcoming seasonal trends? Why not take a look at your keywords in Google Insights for a detailed view of trends. This application provided by the search giant allows you to look at search trends by country and also provides an overlay of news events. The tool also allows you to view related search terms and rising searches too.

Photo credit: ConstructionMovement

Caveat emptor

Creating this buzz isn’t easy though. Link baiting as it’s known the search industry is a fine art which relies on many different factors. These include knowing the right people, impeccable timing and even analysing the psychological reasons why people will want to link to you. Your initiatives don’t have to solely rely on a buzz worthy link bait idea, you could also create and promote content in preparation for the next ramp in searches.

Why not get in touch with Further today to see how we can combine our knowledge of development, link building and Social Media to help give your website a seasoned boost.


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