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Theresa May v Jeremy Corbyn: what are people Googling?

by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
07th Jun 2017 - 2 min read

Answer The Public is a great way to see how people are searching for information around keywords. As an example, we put in ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ and ‘Theresa May’ to see what people want to know about these candidates and how they’re searching for it…

What do people what to know about Jeremy Corbyn?

  • Starter for 10…

    • Who is Jeremy Corbyn?
  • Good questions:

    • How Corbyn can win?
    • Why Jeremy Corbyn will never become Prime Minister (we’re saying this is a ‘good question’, because people are researching something they’ve heard, not because we agree)
    • Why Jeremy Corbyn is not popular?
    • Why Jeremy Corbyn is so popular?
    • Why Corbyn wants Brexit?
  • Other questions:

    • Jeremy Corbyn to resign/step down/quit?
    • Where does Jeremy Corbyn live?
  • Strange questions:

    • How to pronounce Corbyn?

What do people want to know about Theresa May?

  • Starter for 10…

    • Who is Theresa May? What does Theresa May do?
  • Good questions:

    • How Theresa May became Prime Minister?
    • Why does Theresa May want an election?
  • Strange questions:

    • How old is Theresa May?
    • How to contact Theresa May?
    • How much is Theresa May worth?
  • Strangest questions:

    • Are Theresa May and James May related?
    • Are Theresa May and Brian May related?

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