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Tacky Christmas, everyone!

You can’t have failed to miss the portly bearded chap who’s been flaunting himself all over our TV screens recently. You know; big white beard, red suit, enjoys sliding down chimneys? Yes, it’s true, folks – Christmas is here again, and here at Further, we’re proud to announce our online Christmas card for 2011. Put your hands together for Tacky Christmas – a celebration of the gaudy, the garish and the (potentially) gruesome.

In association with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), we’re launching a hunt to find this year’s crassest Christmas decoration. Whether it’s Christmas crockery that makes your eyes water, a desk decoration that should be banned in the name of taste or a reindeer jumper that Worzel Gummidge would shun, we want to see it! This is a cause that spans all areas of modern life – the offending article could be found at work, at home, on a shopping trip or even in a roadsife cafe; we’re not fussy! So, simply upload your shining examples of Christmas tat onto Further’s Facebook page, and help support our charitable cause. For every picture uploaded, we’ll donate 50p to CALM, and for every ‘Like’ we receive, we’ll donate 5p.

But the tasteless fun doesn’t end there. You can vote for your favourite picture, and the winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. Whether or not this alleviates the shame of being crowned ‘Further’s King/Queen of Tat’ remains to be seen.

Our Managing Director, John Thew, believes that ‘Tacky Christmas’ fits in perfectly with CALM’s manifesto – and can’t wait to see the pictures of 2011’s tattiest decorations. “Life’s simply too short to be miserable, especially at this time of year,” he says. “We hope that ‘Tacky Christmas’ will not only make people smile by showing off some truly terrible decorations, but it will also raise lots of money for a very worthwhile charity at the same time.”

Our Tacky Christmas competition is open until Friday 23rd December, so let the hunt begin!


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  • Libby Ellen / 6 years ago

    What a lovely lovely gesture! Good will to all young men going through a tough time especially at this time of year

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