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Following a successful 12-month transition period, we’re pleased to announce Further has now rebranded to become Gravity Global – Performance Marketing, part of Gravity Global.

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Social New Year Resolutions

It’s a new year, and, if you’re anything like the Further team, you’re looking for a method to streamline your ways of working online whilst avoiding getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty (yes, we are talking about perusing the photos from the NYE party you attended.) So, in the spirit of working hard, getting ahead and (dare we say it without getting mocked mercilessly) developing a new you, we have compiled Further’s top tips for getting your mojo back during the long, cold months after Christmas…

1) Push your boundaries. Yes, Facebook may be exciting, but it’s hardly new. If you must social network whilst the boss isn’t looking, (not that we condone anything like that, for obvious reasons), try something new. Have you given Google+ a go? If not, why not? Don’t be scared of the unknown. Remember how timidly we all approached Myspace?

2) Clear out your dead wood. It’s worth trying to remember all your old email addresses and passwords, then logging into various social networks you don’t use anymore so you can make sure you’re only active across the sites you actually use. One of the team here was bemused to discover that during her internet career, she had forgotten she had signed up to Faceparty, Bebo and Friends Reunited.

3) Embrace Facebook’s new Timeline feature. Yes, it might take some getting used to, but in the end everyone will have to convert, so why not get the hard part over and done with? Plus, you can now get a cover for your profile! (That was our attempt at coaxing you into making the switchover. Did it work? Perhaps not.)

4) Get rid of old email addresses you don’t use. If you’ve been pestered by acquaintances asking you why you’ve been offering them various types of herbal medicine, we’re guessing these are accounts that are a) defunct and b) spammed to within an inch of their lives. Change the passwords, then shut down the address. Nobody needs 15 email addresses, anyway – how much mail are you planning on receiving?

5) Enjoy the benefits of a well-timed cull. Take a good look at your Facebook friends and be brutally honest with yourself – if you’re irritated or bemused by somebody’s presence, get rid. However, do the grown-up thing and do so quietly. Those status updates boldly announcing your intentions can misfire badly when Aunty Janice tells your mum that you’ve unfriended her on Facebook.

6) Whilst you’re in the mood, why not give your Facebook a dusting-off? If you’re feeling snazzy, a new profile picture will work wonders. Also, updating your information, such as career and education, can give your profile a much-needed boost. Don’t forget that when Facebook’s Timeline comes into full force, anyone can trawl through your archives, so it may be worth a look to see if there’s any embarrassing content you’d like to, er, dispose of.

7) Finally, although we are increasingly moving into a world where we have more friends online than we do in real life, don’t forget that the environment beyond your computer is a rather fun place. Make a pact with yourself to spend a few evenings out and about if you’re forming an unhealthy attachment with your computer – Facebook can wait. Parties probably won’t.


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    Thanks so much for sharing all of the great info! I am looking forward to checking out more posts by you!


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