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Social media success for Further!

by Steve Jaggard, Founder
06th Dec 2011 - 2 min read

November was an epic month for Further, as far as Facebook was concerned. Many of our clients have seen fantastic results in their social media campaigns as a carefully-executed set of competitions and online promotions ensured their followers skyrocketed – and we’re planning to build on our success.

East of England department store chain Palmers only had 68 fans on Monday 14th November – however, by Monday 5th December, we’d managed to build their numbers to an impressive 1,116. An increase of 1541%; fabulous stuff. Similarly, Norwich-based online retailer FYFO only had 86 followers on Monday 14th November, but their grand total on Monday 5th December was 756 – that’s an increase of 789%.

Our work with fellow online retailer Totally Funky was also hugely successful – they had a mere 49 Facebook followers on Monday 14th November, but we’d increased that to 909 by Monday 5th December. The same could be said for another of our clients, Strawberry Fool; they only had 42 followers on Monday 14th November, but by Monday 5th December, we’d managed to increase their followers to 753. A whopping increase of 1692%.

One of Further’s PR and Social Media Consultants, Liam Tarry is delighted with our Facebook success stories. “Achieving such fantastic results for our clients is proof of the power of social media. They are engaging with new customers, seeing increased traffic to their websites and this is leading to more sales. Having only been at Further for a month, both Vicky and I are absolutely over the moon at what we’ve managed to achieve so far and long may it continue!”

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