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In Britain we enjoy a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine after all. We have a superb line-up of comedy legends which keep our ‘LOL’ levels high. This analytical post shows how great comedy elements can be interpreted through the eyes of an SEO.


A great punch line is delivered at the right moment and a perfectly timed riposte renders rafts of laughter to your audience.

This comedy element can be compared with your search strategy. Choosing the right moment to promote a product or launch a new service. It can also be related to picking the right time to target customers via PPC time scheduling.

Knowledge is key

A great comical comeback will consist of hard facts and prior experience.

Keep up to date with news in your industry. Create authoritative content to help forge your website/brand as a thought leader. Knowledge and data can be used to create insightful posts.

Be original

Knock knock. Who’s there? Doctor. Doctor who. Jokes are rarely funny when you’ve heard them time and time again.

From slopjop

Keyword research is an important part of any SEO strategy. Use search volume tools and review existing terms to remain realistic with your goals and objectives.

A good strategy should involve the creation of unique compelling content. If your content’s really good visitors will thank you for it by linking to you – the holy grail of SEO.

Rapier wit

A speedy comeback goes down well for creating a guaranteed laugh.

A healthy page load speed will not only reduce visitors clicking back to search results but will make mighty Google happy too. Recent page speed tools show that slow loading pages could impact your rankings. Don’t forget the bigger picture of the ever increasing mobile search market too.

Location location location

Know your audience to guarantee the best laugh. People react differently to jokes based on their culture and location. An error of comedic judgement will drop like a lead balloon.

In the same way that some comedians will only ever be successful in their home country ensure your search campaign is targeting the right area. If it suits your company, utilise local business listing and links from other local sources. Also ensure your keywords are focused for your area.

It’s been emotional

Good humour will trigger your emotions. ‘Sitcoms‘ use tragedy, to comedy effect.

What will trigger people to link to your site? A great tactic to increase inbound links is working out who would link to you and what would they want to link to. By identifying what impetus is required to get those all important backlinks you can tailor your content for specific types of people, groups or even an individual. What interests your linkerati.

Visual gags

A popular factor in the arsenal of comedians is the visual gag or sight gag. From Monty Python’s Flying Circus to Mr Bean to The Might Boosh – this has long been a popular genre.

Visually compelling content makes all the difference in the search world too whether it’s the expertly compiled infographic, the use of photography or the ultimate medium of video. Visual media is a big pull of traffic and links. A plethora of photos and videos are shared every day. Think of ways to improve your visual magnet to draw visitors in and keep them coming back for more. Use video, create photo galleries, add interactive tools or games.


Great stand-ups use the audience as part of the show. Having had the pleasure to go to a Jimmy Carr gig a few months ago it really adds to the experience.

We all know how this compares to search and the ever growing world of Social Media. Facebook, Twitter and countless others allow your brand to communicate with the outside world and listen to direct feedback. Using Social gadgets in key places on your website help your visitors easily share and promote your content. Social Media may not directly increase your rankings but it’s great for brand awareness and customer feedback.

Why not get inspired with your search strategy and even add some humour to your marketing mix.


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  • kelvinnewman / 8 years ago

    Got another one, and just because it worked for some else doesn't mean it'll work for you!

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