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Retra invites Rob to the stage

To many independent electrical retailers, ‘online’ has never been a popular term.

On 8th April in London, Further’s Director of Search, Rob Welsby, will be challenged to change their minds at the 2014 Retra Conference.

Over the past decade the very mention of the terms ‘online’ and ‘ecommerce’ to this predominantly traditional sector has been akin to waving the proverbial red rag to a bull.

In a way, who can blame them? They have seen margins decimated, business lost and their futures made uncertain by the gold rush to low internet pricing. Many have gone out of business altogether. Yes, online remains a very dirty word for many of them.

Yet times have moved on, as Rob explains. “Search engines are evolving rapidly, with trusted brands and businesses offering real value to consumers rising to the top in visibility. It’s no longer about simply selling online at the lowest cost”, Rob continues “It’s easier than it has been for years to gain traction online with the right approach, and you don’t even need to sell via eCommerce to make online work for your business. Create the right digital strategy for your business and you can drive new customers into your store and through your checkout, but ignore it and they’ll never know you even exist.”


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