Pirates raid Twitter

Halfway through their competition, the #moonfruit hashtag was blocked from Twitter trending topics. The opinions I read on Twitter were split, some people thought the moonfruit campaign was spammy and glad it was gone, others thought Twitter were being killjoys.

So was the block manual or part of a Twitter anti-spam system?

Today, I saw the trending topic of “pirates” on Twitter. Being a fan of both pirates and ninjas, I thought I’d see what all of the buzz was about.

Oh dear.

Lazily created sequential spam usernames, all tweeting an online TV channel site. Probably getting a whole load of traffic too.

This to me, would indicate Twitter’s spam filters are pretty poor. Although “spam” on Twitter is fairly self-regulating (you can choose who you follow), they really need to get a grip of people gaming the trending topics.

So who would win in a fight Pirates vs Twitter? Pirates it seems at the moment.

Ryan (with his suspicious up to date knowledge of spambots) has pointed out this may be a bot hooking onto an already trending topic to gain exposure. (There is a pirates game on Twitter & a sports team named Pirates)

Colin has suggested filtering out trending topics by looking at ratio of brand new Twitter accounts associated with a trending topic.


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