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Pete Harper, Technical Lead, Product Development

Pete Harper appointed as Technical Lead, Product Development

Get to know our latest staff recruit, Pete, in our quick-fire interview…

Place of origin: Grays, Essex

Role at Further: Technical Lead, Product Development

Area of specialism: Web development

Potted career history: I had a slightly odd entry to the web development world. An English Literature graduate from Queen Mary College, London, I stumbled into coding during a module exploring hypertext fiction (storytelling on the web) – the website I built later being used to help teach the course in other institutions.

Deciding this was something worth exploring further, I joined a small investment consultancy in London, building corporate websites for FTSE100 and FTSE250 listed companies. Staying for the next 16 years, I helped transform the company into a digital-first agency, becoming their lead developer as well as providing insight and strategy. In this time, the company grew rapidly from 9 to 50 people, and won over 150 industry awards, before being acquired by WPP Plc.

Deciding it was time to move on, I then relocated to Norfolk with my family, joining a small brand agency in Norwich. This gave me real insight into smaller, non-corporate development projects, using a varied palette of technologies; after just over two years, and having helped set up their digital presence in the region, I decided I needed a ‘Further’ challenge…

Proudest moment: The birth of my daughter, Rachel. (Awww.)

Interests: All things tech – you need to be a bit of a nerd for this career! I do also love a bit of politics; blame “the West Wing” and “Yes, Minister” for that. And as I’m sure my colleagues past and present will attest: baking.

Next on the bucket list… Can a “revisit” be on a bucket list? I’d love to head back to Whistler, Canada, for a bit of skiing.

Best piece of life advice: “It’s never too late to change course; you control the rudder, not the wind.”


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