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Paperchase – A company with a big problem

Funnily enough, I was just writing a lengthly post about social media and SEO when the Paperchase storm overflowed into my Twitter feed.

If you’ve missed the story, the full post is here (which currently ranks #3 in for "paperchase").

The basic story: Indie designer making a living blogging and selling designs, large company copies design and sells, while ignoring her requests to move the product from sale.

This is the claim – and it’s certainly causing Paperchase some big problems.

Since I’ve typed these few lines, there have been over 300 new tweets about Paperchase, as well as negative reviews on their Amazon page.

Many Twitter users are now saying they plan to boycott Paperchase unless the situation is resolved and the artist paid for their work.

It will be interesting to see how Paperchase handle this situation.

Update: Paperchase have joined Twitter to answer concerns. They claim the design was bought from an outside agency.


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