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Palmers call on Kylie, Kirstie and Further to drive new eCommerce initiative

This week sees the launch of a brand new ecommerce initiative for regional independent department store group, Palmers, who, earlier this year selected Further as their new online partner.

While Palmers have been operating in ecommerce for three years now, the company see the new partnership with Further as an opportunity to become a nationally-recognised eCommerce retailer, consolidating a number of niche departmental sites under one umbrella store site at

The new site forms part of an exciting eCommerce marketing strategy for Palmers, with whom Further will work closely to maximise sales – even to the extent of helping the client to decide which product lines should or should not be promoted. In addition to the bedroom, bathroom, cookery and housewares items you’d expect  to find, celebrity endorsed ranges are already proving to be popular, especially bedlinens by Kylie Minogue and Kirstie Allsopp. Additional departments will continue to be added the site during the next 12 months by Palmers new eCommerce Manager, Emma Sturrock and her team.

As Further MD John Thew commented “now that the site is developed and live, we will be working on ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns – as well as testing and honing the site’s conversion rate – to increase sales. We are delighted that Palmers selected Further and we believe our strategy for Palmers will set a path for a close working relationship and continued growth of the Palmers eCommerce operation.”

The launch of the new Palmers eCommerce site comes at an an exciting time for Further, as we continue to win new brands and gain accolades for our performance for existing clients.


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