Double finalists at The Drum Search Awards 2015

It was that time of the year again where the great and the good in search marketing put on their gladrags and had a great time! I am of course talking about the inaugural Drum Search Awards 2015 which took place last week in London and was sponsored by Google ...

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Two New Faces

Photo of Duncan and Amanda, the new recruits to team Further.

Having witnessed a significant increase in activity and services for a number of our core clients this year, we are delighted to welcome two new faces to the team at our Norwich HQ. Duncan Johnson joins us as Senior SEO Consultant. With a digital background of almost two decades, Duncan’s breadth of knowledge ...

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A compelling reason to move to https? “Direct” traffic on the rise

A bar graph showing three vertical columns and an upward pointing arrow above them.

Our race to measure, understand and develop digital marketing strategy from website traffic data is never-ending and it usually has one goal: ROI. Be it a financial return or brand awareness, the effort to understand traffic should be focused on studying people's behaviour and user journeys rather than a reflection of the idiosyncrasies of the analytics ...

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A re-shaped Europe three years on

Image of EU Search Awards Berlin 2015 brochure

Wednesday's European Search Awards Ceremony saw the best in UK search competing against our counterparts from all over Europe across a range of categories. Having won a European Search Award back in 2012, we were delighted to gain three Finalist nominations this time around (two for pan-European campaigns for, the ...

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Strong demand creates new roles!

Image of two silhouettes, one male, one female with a question mark over the heads

The start of 2015 has seen a significant increase in activity and services for a number of our core clients. At the same time, the number of new business opportunities - for some very exciting regional and global brands – are coming thick and fast. We now need more star players ...

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How data should drive your marketing strategy

It can be all quite dizzying. Visits, shares, backlinks, comments, pageviews, time on site, bounce rate, time on site, keyword volumes, cost per visit, conversion rates, event clicks etc ad infinitum. Now split this up by time of day, audience segment, channel or geography. Now split this up by browser. And ...

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