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Our favourite marketing campaigns of 2015

There is nothing we love more than a fantastic marketing campaign and this year we have seen some genius creations from brands we know and love. The media landscape is saturated with thought provoking campaigns and as marketers ourselves we understand the challenge of producing something memorable. Something which ignites imagination, sparks enthusiasm, grabs attention, pushes the predictable and fuels brand loyalty.

Without further ado I give you our favourite marketing campaigns of 2015.

Amanda Bunn, Digital PR Manager



A national campaign developed by Sport England to celebrate the UK’s active women who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets.  I think this campaign challenged and changed the consumer’s behaviour brilliantly and motivated women across the country to believe they can!

Daisy Kingham, Account Director



The #LastSelfie campaign was really clever. It combined ‘selfies’ which are traditionally fun and enjoyable, with a serious message about endangered animals. I would caveat that selfies aren’t really my thing(!) but I think for the audience they were trying to reach it was a really clever take and a very good way of reaching people using Snapchat – one of the fastest growing social platforms of 2015.

Lee Carnihan, Outreach Manager



A Christmas advert for the Spanish National Lottery, Justino is a fantastic display of selflessness. I found the little things Justino did in the advert – such as remembering the lady’s birthday – heart-warming, inspiring and hopeful.

Dan Callis, SEO Analyst

Value My CV


This campaign provided job candidates with an opportunity to get some idea of their salary worth based on experience and on the flipside gave Adzuna a collection of CVs and emails for headhunting.

Mark Hannant, Head of Search

Mog’s Christmas Calamity


I love cats! I love cats!

Shelli Wright, Account Manager

If Carlsberg did…


And no, not just because I like beer. Their on-going campaign is clever, funny and quick.

Louisa Mann, Client Services Director

ALDI’s Christmas Campaign


I like the ALDI Christmas campaign a lot as I think they were very clever to jump on John Lewis’s advert. Really got momentum – very good.

Holly Whitaker, Office Manager

John Lewis Home Insurance 2015


I love this advert as it reminded me of being a little girl and dancing around the house. Although saying that I still dance around the house and occasionally break things!

Richard Willner, Head of Strategy

#Golf Love Tests


Zurich’s campaign demonstrated a good use of humour in a traditionally dry industry.

Darren Barr, Paid Search Account Manager

Seagull stole my GoPro


Being a keen photographer myself I thought GoPro showcased user-generated content perfectly in 2015. The campaign allowed their product and consumers to do the talking for them. It’s not in your face nor is it hard selling. It’s not edited. It’s not scripted. It’s the working product you are seeing in real-life situations. I just hope the majority of people won’t see their camera in the mouth of a seagull.

Adam Read, Data Analyst

I need a Balti        


I found this Just Eat advert funny, unexpected and I still like watching it.

Steve Jaggard, Founder

VW’s Cinema Campaign


My fave campaign is VW’s ‘Eyes on the Road’ which was a brilliant experiential ‘stunt’ pushed out to great effect on social media and attracted loads of on and offline news / PR coverage, globally. Yes controversial, but it is for VW.

Last year they covertly organised a special cinema screening in a cinema in Hong Kong. During a commercial in which the audience is given a driver’s eye view of the road as a car speeds along it, everyone in the cinema with a mobile phone suddenly gets an alert. The audience all go to look at their mobiles at the same time, then suddenly you hear and see the car crash. Everyone is shocked. Then comes the message about always keeping your concentration on the road when driving. A great socially responsible message. Yes, the whole scene was filmed and the footage spread spread across social media.

This was followed up more recently by them doing a similar thing across a number of cinemas in different countries. A spotlight would embarrass those who walked in late to take their seats, each followed by a series of loud beeps – the very same sound as VW’s brand new in-built pedestrian detector makes.

To me, this sort of marketing sticks in the mind and creates massive coverage, awareness and engagement for a relatively limited budget when compared with the cost of car TV advertising. Superb stuff in a world that has come fairly mediocre in impact terms IMHO!

Dan Coman, Head of Planning

Porsche 911 – Compete


One of my favourites of 2015 is Porsche’s ‘Compete’ TV spot. This worked really well for a few different reasons:

  • It’s aspirational, like the brand.
  • It’s shot nicely – the product looks and sounds great.
  • It’s suited to its audience – it appeals to those with a competitive streak who like to challenge themselves.
  • It features (the likeness of) one of the world’s most iconic athletes.

Sabelline Chicot, Senior Analyst

Koko the Gorilla


Not a marketing campaign as such, but a highlight of the year for me was the video posted by the Gorilla Foundation of gorilla Koko receiving two kittens on her birthday this year. The Gorilla Foundation is a non-profit organisations dedicated to the conservation of great apes. It is most famous for Project Koko, a gorilla who ‘speaks’ using American sign language. I thought this was a great example of a charity bringing an amazing research project in front of the public in an emotional way to raise awareness and funds.

Of course not all campaigns are perceived in the nature they were intended. Struggling to find his favourite marketing campaign Jamal Hunter, SEO Analyst found his least favourite.

Save our swirled


Ben & Jerry’s ‘Save our Swirled’ climate change campaign was short-sighted, stupid, extremely hypocritical and infuriating. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so if their Facebook page was anything to go by.

So there you have it – our top marketing campaigns in 2015.

Did your favourite appear in the list above? Why not get in touch and let us know.


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