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New London abode up and running

by Steve Jaggard, Founder
07th Jun 2009 - 1 min read

As the Further client list grows, and more business is being won from the London area, it makes sense to have another place to meet with those existing and potential clients – and indeed to work from.

Consequently, we have moved into Lemon Studios in Clerkenwell Road – the excellent ‘digital workspace’ set-up by e-consultancy.

The meeting facilities are excellent, providing both formal and informal presentation rooms – so if you are in London and wish to have your next meeting there, just let us know. We’ll be delighted to show you around.

“The new office gives us so much flexibility in terms of working, servicing and developing business here in London where we have been having a lot of success of late” comments Further Co-Founder Zak Ireson.

The contact details for the London office are;
Further Search Marketing, Lemon Studios, 85 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5AR Telephone; +44 (0)20 7681 4090


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