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Musicroom chooses Further to make online strategy sing

by Steve Jaggard, Founder
08th Oct 2012 - 1 min read

From now on, Further will be selling sheet music. Not directly, of course, but for new client Musicroom who are part of the Music Sales Group which is the largest producer of sheet music outside of the US.
The Group is also a direct retailer of sheet music, supporting media and musical instruments with an online ecommerce presence and a chain of retail stores. It is the ecommerce offering that we will be responsible for growing, deploying SEO and PPC as part of the online strategy.

James Sutcliffe, Operations Director at Music Sales is thrilled to be partnering with the Further team.  "I had been aware of Further and their reputation for results delivery for a while and all I have seen so far very much supports their track record. They have a real grasp of the realities of business, not just marketing, which I feel sets them apart from other providers we have come across."

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