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Do marketers know what to wear?

In an era of individualism, the creative industries have some of the most progressive views and rules on dress code and working life. But what does that mean I can actually wear? Is cool ok? Or only if it’s a bit smart? Too smart and people won’t think I’m creative. Are ripped jeans ok if I wear a blazer? WHAT CAN I ACTUALLY WEAR TO WORK TODAY?!

In ‘the old days’ you may not have liked your clothes, but at least you knew what to wear: three-piece suit and tie, bowler hat and brolly. Girls too (probably).

Do you work in marketing? Either in-house or at an agency? If so, please take our very quick survey as we explore whether marketing professionals know what to wear for work – and what that might be!

We did a quick survey in the office to explore attitudes about modes of dress in marketing. Here’s what we found:

Please take our very quick survey to tell us how you dress for work.


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