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Leading eCommerce player sees 329% increase in revenue from organic search !

Being an e-tailer can be so confusing. Wherever you look for advice and tips on making more profit from eCommerce, there are agencies and authorities claiming to offer the holy grail.

Which is all very well and very worthy. But there’s a distinct difference between talking about the best techniques, disciplines and activities and actually proving them in real life.

Here at Further we have spent the past three years researching, understanding and, most importantly, testing our own solutions in order to be able to really practice what we preach. We even launched our own search-to-sale service, FurtherCommerce, recently with a more advanced and higher converting eCommerce platform at its core – to enable clients to convert more of their traffic into sales. Less wastage, more profit, happier client, longer relationship.

Ecommerce clients are a perfect client for Further in that we have all the capabilites and expertise to add measurable value straight to a client’s bottom line. This brings into play our unique search strategies, the results of which are reported monthly not just on rankings, but actual revenues gained in relation to the client’s spend. Clients can see the revenue attributable to each keyword as well as the campaign as a whole. Conversion rate knowledge and testing are also making a healthy difference in providing user-centric design and best ever conversion rates for clients.

Earlier this year we gained national recognition becoming finalists at the NMA Awards for a campaign which has delivered 2094% return on investment for our client, Richardsons,selling UK boating holidays.

Our newly-built and launched site for is already proving a worthwhile investment for its owner, Archant, with SEO and PPC delivering highly convertible traffic on a daily basis, converting magazine and gift buyers to purchase full subscriptions online.

To add to the mix, we have just released our latest year-on-year results for , demonstrating another dramatic increase in revenue – revenue which can be directly attributable to our organic search activity.




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