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Introducing the new Further brand identity

It’s a mantra that’s been shouted from the rooftops by marketeers for years, but one we at Further very much believe in.

So much so that we felt it high time we evolved our own brand in line with the rapid development of the business.

Gone is the burnt orange and grey chunky type. Gone is the snowflake icon. Gone is the descriptor ‘online marketing specialists’

In their place, an energetic new look using greens and blues, accompanied by the single-minded descriptor ‘ search marketing’.

Brand evolution is not just about vanity. You don’t simply do it because you are bored. It’s about portraying the life stages of your organisation. It should signify what the core values and personality of your business today, rather than where you were yesterday.

The new brand, we believe, demonstrates constant movement and progress with the blues and greens adding the dimension of natural growth. The change in the descriptor line spells out how we are now moving forward concentrating on one core area  – ‘search marketing’.

We have identified this as the area where we are making the most difference for our clients, and where we combine proven expertise with smart new thinking to provide our clients with outstanding results and return on investment. 

"The challenge was to reflect the core values of ‘going further’ and ‘search’ commented  Roy Smith, the designer responsible for the new look .

"This was achieved by a device that appears to drive forward into the future while at the same time reaching out in every direction. The icon also resembles a subtle iris of the eye to evoke ‘search’, the main focus of the business.

The classic sans font, Avant Garde, was chosen to echo the circular mark."

Further has moved forward a long way in a very short time. We are hungry, ambitious and have identified our next goals. We very much hope the new brand, which neatly co-incides with our move to Limited Company status, will help us on our way to achieving them.

Look out for it now on all our correspondence and marketing materials. The redesign of this website to adopt the new identity is now underway and will be launched very soon.

We’d welcome your comments on the new brand, good or bad.


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