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How to get free advertising for your non-profit organisation

The internet has turned out to be a wonderful thing for non-profits and charities. By setting up a website you can provide the public with unlimited amounts of information about who you are and what you do, wherever in the world they may be.

Sites like JustGiving and BMyCharity allow easy (but unfortunately not free!) online fundraising, which in many cases has transformed the traditional ‘sponsored X’ into something that is far more wide reaching and more beneficial for the charities involved.

Social media is something that (in general) works better for non-profits than for corporations because, for maybe the first time in history, it’s about being remarkable and worthy rather than whoever has the largest advertising budget! Whether it’s a Facebook page or a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile or a Youtube channel, non-profits are flocking to social media to engage with their audiences.

Here’s something you may not have heard. Did you know that Google give out tens of thousands of pounds worth of free advertising to non-profits every month? And that it’s surprisingly easy to apply for a slice of this free exposure pie?

I’m going to let you in to one of the most unknown opportunities for charities online – Google Grants.

Google Grants are awarded to non-profit organisations in areas that Google are interested in supporting – yes this is a private company and grants are entirely at their discretion. The application process is fairly straight forward however, so there is no harm in applying if there is any chance of being awarded the grant.


Requirements for a Google Grant

•  You must have a website that adverts can send people to.
•  Your website must not generate revenue via advertising, for example banner adverts or AdSense.
•  Your organisation must be a registered charity (by the Charity commission in England and Wales, Scottish Charity Regulator or the Inland Revenue)

There are more detailed requirements which can be reviewed at the relevant Google Grants page.


What do you get?

• Up to $10,000 a month worth of free clicks from the Google AdWords advertising platform.
• Allowed to bid upto $1 per click, on relevant keywords
• Use these free clicks to advertise for donations, fundraising, awareness, volunteering or other charitable causes.
• If you consistently spend the $10,000 a month grant, you can apply for an increase to $40,000 a month!
• Google AdWords campaign is unmanaged by Google, all responsibility for performance is with the organisation.

As you can see, the potential benefit here is huge. What organisation would turn down the opportunity to get a large amount of free advertising, to be used in whatever way best helps you (subject to restrictions, of course!), and to get this every month?


What’s the catch?

So, what’s the catch I hear you say? Well… none, really. The application process is fairly painless, although it can take a few months to hear if you’ve been accepted or not.

If accepted, you’re given the keys to a relatively large spend advertising account with no assistance in setting up adverts, or knowing how to gain the most benefit from the opportunity you’ve been given. That can be a bit daunting!


Can I get help?

Thought you’d never ask! Further have now helped several organisations obtain Google Grants and use them effectively to generate awareness, donations and volunteers from around the UK.

If you’d like to talk to us about the process or require assistance, give us a call. We can especially help with the following areas:

• Completing a successful application

• Researching potential areas to target and keywords to bid on

• Setup and intitial optimisation of AdWords campaign, with training so that your organisation can manage the campaign ongoing

• ..or ongoing management by Further to maxmise the benefits of your AdWords advertising.
Further can offer paid search services to registered non-profit organisations at a reduced rate, please contact us for more details.

Click here to visit the Google Grants website, where you can read case studies, application requirements, and ultimately apply for a Google Grant.


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  • Rob Welsby / 12 years ago

    Hi Valerie, apologies for late response. I'd imagine that Google offer grants to non profits all over the UK and USA, as well as possibly other countries. You'd need to check the website or contact the grants team to check before spending the time applying, of course.


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