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Head of Organic Search Jonathan Falgate

Further welcomes new Head of Organic Search Jonathan Falgate

Further is delighted to welcome Jonathan Falgate as our new Head of Organic Search. Here’s Jon in his own words:

Place of origin: I was born and raised just outside Norwich. I’ve moved around a fair bit and recently settled back here.

Role at Further: Head of Organic Search

Area of specialism: I come from a content and SEO background. I’m super-excited about how modern SEO is focused almost solely on making the internet great quality, and as simple and personalised for the user as possible. The win-win is that the companies who are serious about doing the same will rank highly and make money. It’s traditional marketing, only better!

Potted career history: Before starting at Further, I worked for an insurance company for nearly five years. Sure, it’s a dry subject in a very competitive landscape, but it made for really exciting content and SEO challenges, with real opportunity for innovation.

Proudest moment: I’m certainly most proud of my wife for making, delivering and caring for our baby boy. No-one can deny the great supporting role I have played, but she is worthy of nearly all the credit for sure…

Interests: Music: collecting, listening, playing – in that order. I’ve also done more than my fair share of backpacking.

Next on the bucket list: To enter middle-age gracefully while remaining firmly connected to my inner child!

Best piece of life advice:

Don’t tug on Superman’s cape,

Don’t spit into the wind,

Don’t pull the mask of the ol’ Lone Ranger,

And don’t mess around with Jim!

Head of Organic Search Jonathan Falgate sitting on sofa


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