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Further fully adopts search for charity

by Steve Jaggard, Founder
08th Sep 2009 - 3 min read

We love search here at Further – so much so that  we’ve just adopted the word ‘search’ to help support the children’s charity, I CAN.

I CAN are a children’s charity which helps change the lives of children with language and speech difficulties. As part of fundraising efforts they are letting the public and companies alike ‘adopt a word’. Celebrities such as Stephen Fry have taken part in the fun.
At Further we understand the need for great communication. This is fast becoming an important element of your web strategy. It’s important to not only make your site easy to use, but also to ensure its accessible to all.
So what should you employ on your website? Below are a few tips based on good communication.
On-page structure
Having a clear heading for each page allows users to know they’re in the right place if they’ve landed from a search engine or link. Use the H1 HTML tag once per page to describe the content. You can use H2, H3, H4 tags to create sub headings for your page content. A good use of heading tags creates a good content structure and is beneficial for screen readers and logical semantic mark-up. Getting the on-page SEO basics implemented correctly is important.
Sales Message
Your sales message throughout the website should understand your visitors intentions. For instance your product/service descriptions should ideally convey the benefits and also provide enough detail to encourage a user towards a goal such as a purchase or key action.
Listening is an often over looked aspect of communication. Add feedback channels for your website so you can listen to your customers opinions. These comments will let you know what is and isn’t working on your site. Then you can make the necessary changes and reap the benefits.
Speak your customers’ language
Write your content for your locality. Using an online translation tool to create content for your foreign site visitors is unacceptable.
Customer Service
People appreciate good customer service. A prompt and helpful support level will increase return visitors. Return visitors have a much higher percentage of converting. Make sure your phone number and contact links are highly visible.
It doesn’t take much to improve your website’s appeal. If you’re interested in a site audit or a full search strategy, get in touch with Further today by contacting Louisa on 01603 878240 or email [email protected]


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