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Festive food from Further

by Steve Jaggard
11th Dec 2013

While we all tuck into our hearty Christmas dinners over the festive season there will be families within a few miles of our own homes who will not be able to afford Christmas presents, let alone put a decent meal on the table.

As it’s supposed to be the season of goodwill – and the Further team always make a charitable gesture at this time of year – our chosen cause for Christmas 2013 is the Norwich Food Bank.

Having received the list of food items most needed, members of the team have been busily donating food parcels and cash so that we can go and do our own Food Bank ‘Supermarket Sweep’.

Of course, our donation will be a drop in the ocean when you consider the amount of families who have found themselves struggling in recent times, but as a certain supermarket would say ‘every little helps’.

If you feel you would also like to help the Norwich Food Bank, please give them a call on 01603 251733. They really would appreciate hearing from you.

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