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December Social Media Roundup

December 2019 on Social Media. What Happened?

With 2020 now in full swing, we’re taking the time to reflect on the last month of 2019 on social media. What happened? and, what can we look forward to over the coming months? Read on to find our summary of events from December 2019 for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Facebook introduced a couple of smaller changes in December. One of which is causing some frustration for users. With many people’s new year resolution being ‘spend less time on social media’, some will be looking to deactivate their Facebook account. However, if you’d like to continue using Facebook Messenger, you will no longer be able to deactivate. Now, in order to speak to your friends, you must have a Facebook profile too.

Previously, you could sign up to use Messenger with just a mobile number, similarly to WhatsApp. Now though, all new users must have a Facebook account in order to use the app. For those looking to deactivate their account this month as an attempt to reduce social media usage, this may prove annoying. A spokesperson for Facebook said that the move will not affect existing Messenger users without a Facebook account, only new ones.


After months of threatening to remove likes, some users in the UK have reported that they can no longer see the number of likes on their content. This move is an attempt by Instagram to diminish the competitive nature of the platform by removing the metric people can use to compare themselves to others.

Craving likes on content is the online version of seeking approval. With no likes, experts say emphasis will be placed on the quality of captions instead. With captions becoming the most important thing on-platform, influencers with engaged, chatty communities will rise to the top. Those that encourage genuine engagement by asking questions or requesting feedback will see increased engagement compared to those who simply post visually attractive pictures.

As well as the like update, you might have seen one trend taking over your Instagram feed in December. Over the past few years, it has gained popularity, and this year it’s seemingly inescapable. It is, of course, the ‘Top 9’ Instagram post. Every year, users can use the ‘Top 9’ website to find out which of their posts garnered the most likes. Simply save the image, and post to Instagram with the hashtag #TopNine2019. Use it to reflect on what content has been most successful for you over the year.

Instagram top 9


For 2020, Twitter is breathing new life into their ‘lists’ feature and encouraging users to follow topics they’re interested in. Like Instagram, where you can follow hashtags you’re interested in, Twitter allows you to find and follow topics. It will also show you the suggested accounts to follow for that topic. This helps users find communities interested in the same things, and have meaningful conversations with them.

“We really believe that if we give users explicit control over what shows up in their home timeline beyond just account follows, we can make that timeline a lot better,” says product director Angela Wise.

Though lists have been relatively untouched for the past few years, they’re one of Twitter’s priorities for 2020. The self-created curated group of accounts allows you to group together accounts interested in certain topics. They can be private, or public and allow you to view tweets purely from those accounts, in their own kind of timeline.

“A lot of the work that we’ve done is trying to understand what kind of lists you’re creating and then recommendations of new people to add to that list that just keep more refined as you keep interacting with it over time,” explains senior product designer Joe Tutterow. If you’re an avid Twitter user, stay tuned for updates to the list and topic features. Check out the sneak peek of what lists could look like below.

twitter lists feature


LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Job Report has revealed the fastest-growing jobs in Europe. This report summarises which industries and roles are the most popular, and growing the quickest. The top 5 sit comfortably in the tech and engineering industries and are as follows:

Top five emerging jobs in the U.K

  1. Artificial intelligence specialist
  2. Data protection officer
  3. Robotics engineer
  4. Site reliability engineer
  5. Customer success specialist

Mariano Mamertino, senior Economist at LinkedIn, said that it was no surprise to see that these were the fastest-growing jobs in Europe. “Whilst tech roles dominate, the importance of the human touch persists,” he said, noting the 6th spot in the list; customer success specialist. If you’re currently working in one of these roles, have you noticed a rapid increase in demand recently?

Now we’re in 2020, what do you think will happen this year on social media? Will we see the fall of influencers, or will they continue to dominate the social space? Let us know your thoughts below.


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