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Image of woman standing by red car

Creating content that builds brand and engages audiences: classic car enthusiasts

The Further content team love delving into people’s passions and knowledge about their favourite subjects. Early in January, the team asked six women to spill the beans on the loves of their life – their cars! The interviews and photography were created for specialist car insurance brokers Adrian Flux. Adrian Flux’s content supports its brand as car insurers who understand and support people who love their cars – and reaches audiences because of its quality, originality, search optimisation and promotion.

Image of woman with 3 classic cars

Pauline shared her collection of Austin-Healey Sprites, a model that’s charmed her for over 40 years.

Image of woman standing by classic car

Melissa revealed her plans to restore her Datsun Laurel in memory of her dad.

Image of woman standing by red car

Car club administrator Emma delighted readers with tales of her love affair with Ford.

Image of women in classic car

Rachel’s passion shone as she recalled how she became united with her MGB GT.

Image of woman cleaning red classic car

Trish explained how her love of cars led to her becoming a motorsports champion.


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