2017 General Election: a search story

The votes are in, Theresa May is recovering from an election headache, Jeremy Corbyn is ‘celebrating a...

Post by Adam Read, Data Analyst
15th Jun 2017
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Paid social: 10 reasons to include it in your digital marketing strategy

Have you ever been on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and seen the word ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’...

Post by Darren Barr, Head of Paid Digital
18th May 2017

Walking that little bit Further with the wounded

Currently in our second year working with ex-veteran charity Walking with the Wounded we are extremely excited...

Post by Amanda Bunn
04th Nov 2015

YouTube trolls put on notice as Google targets poor quality comments

We’ve all seen the spiteful and offensive comments lurking under YouTube videos. It’s safe to say that...

Post by Daisy Hatami
15th Oct 2013
Facebook's social search engine: a beginners' guide for brands

Facebook's social search engine: a beginners' guide for brands

Finding a long-lost love. Checking-out a former colleague or college house-mate. There are two prime motives for...

Post by Paul Hill
26th Oct 2012

Never underestimate the power of your voice on social media…

Is your social media voice infiltrating the real world? The answer, of course, is yes. It has...

Post by Steve Jaggard
08th Jun 2012

Our 7 deadly social media sins

It goes without saying that social media is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. Used correctly it...

Post by Steve Jaggard
13th Mar 2012

Can you put a Price on dignity?

We all saw it coming; she had been quiet for too long. And this week, Katie Price...

Post by Steve Jaggard
27th Jan 2012

Sign up to Google+…or else?

Working in the digital marketing industry, it can sometimes feel as if we are slaves to Google....

Post by Steve Jaggard
20th Jan 2012

Too close for comfort – should celebs be on Twitter?

There was cause for celebration all round this week when the First Lady, Michelle Obama, took to...

Post by Steve Jaggard
13th Jan 2012