Stealing other people’s treasure: competitor bidding strategies for PPC

All companies dream of winning their competitors’ business. In Paid Search, there are many ways to make sure you...

Post by Alise Arente
20th Jan 2017

Paid digital: the digital campaign educator, enabler and enhancer

Let’s get this out of the way straight away… I’ve lost count of the number of times...

Post by Darren Barr
13th Jan 2017

Search Kernel 12/16: your monthly search marketing news in a nutshell

In our second edition of The Search Kernel we’re looking at the events in December as well...

Post by Mark Hannant
23rd Dec 2016

The Search Kernel: your monthly search marketing news in a nutshell

Welcome to first Search Kernel: Further’s monthly search marketing round-up. It’s called The Search Kernel because we...

Post by Mark Hannant
29th Nov 2016

Google Keyword Planner now gives you 4 years’ worth of data

When I utter the words ‘Google is giving us more data’, I barely believe it myself. But...

Post by Adam Read
21st Nov 2016

3 essential PPC tips for seasonal search spikes

If there is one channel that reflects real-time category trends and social movements, it’s digital. Whether that’s...

Post by Alise Arente
15th Nov 2016

The unsung hero of digital marketing: paid digital / pay-per-click / PPC

How paid digital is viewed Maybe I’m biased, but I think paid digital (PPC) is the unsung hero...

Post by Darren Barr
07th Nov 2016

Expanded Text Ads – do they live up to the hype?

Not long ago, Google announced the biggest change to their ad text format in 15 years –...

Post by Alise Arente
07th Oct 2016

Cross Device Tracking – how to keep tabs on your visitors.

How many devices do you use to access the Internet throughout the day? As mobile devices start...

Post by Peter Oxlade
04th Oct 2013

Google Shopping Paid Listing Ads

Having to pay for something that used to be free may not sound like good news. There’s...

Post by Sarah Gabilia
26th Apr 2013