Illustration for competitor analysis article with businessmen racing

Competitor analysis: the essential guide for marketing managers

Have you ever gone to catch a train without looking at the departure times first? Probably not....

Post by Richard Willner, Head of Strategy
27th Apr 2017

Why you need to bother with A/B testing

If you’ve looked at your site with a view to improving conversion levels, either on your own...

Post by Matthew Eastaugh
16th Mar 2017
Data tools illustration for Further

Five data analysis tools for understanding your digital marketing campaigns

As a data analyst in a digital marketing agency, it’s essential for me to collect, analyse and...

Post by Adam Read
14th Mar 2017

The moment of orientation: does your website have what it takes to KEEP visitors?

It’s very likely that you’ve done it yourself. Looking for a company related to an area you...

Post by Matthew Eastaugh
17th Jan 2017

What could your company gain from website data analysis services?

One of our core areas of expertise is data analysis. But what does that entail, what is...

Post by Adam Read
04th Jan 2017
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The Search Kernel: your monthly search marketing news in a nutshell

Welcome to first Search Kernel: Further’s monthly search marketing round-up. It’s called The Search Kernel because we...

Post by Mark Hannant
29th Nov 2016

Google Keyword Planner now gives you 4 years’ worth of data

When I utter the words ‘Google is giving us more data’, I barely believe it myself. But...

Post by Adam Read
21st Nov 2016

How trendy are you?

Google Trends is a useful tool to see how search around a given term or topic is...

Post by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
31st Oct 2016

Five free content monitoring tools to help you track topical themes and user engagement

You’ve laboured to craft your finest content. From fonts, to mobile-friendly layout, to eye-catching video and sweet touches...

Post by Dan Coman
27th Oct 2016

The underrated power of scraping with Excel

Who doesn’t like to turning big jobs into small jobs? As an SEO analyst, I do, and...

Post by Zak Ireson
07th Oct 2016