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Building a content strategy (Cambridge CIM Digital Marketing Conference 2017 presentation)

Head of Strategy, Richard Willner, presented at the 11th Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference at Duxford – below...

Post by Richard Willner, Head of Strategy
28th Jul 2017

Strategic link building: the importance of quality over quantity

In the past, link building was a quantitative process that was often directly influenced by how much...

Post by Terry Hearn, Outreach Specialist
27th Jul 2017
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Pitch to win: 7 tips for getting a website to link to you

One of the key ingredients of building links for clients is creating high-quality content that an editor...

Post by Sabrina Bucknole, Outreach Executive
13th Jul 2017
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PR v marketing: what can digital marketing learn from public relations?

What’s the difference? To those working outside the marketing and public relations (PR) industries, it can seem...

Post by Helen Brooks, Content Editor
07th Jul 2017

Writing for web: a content marketing editor’s guide

If you’re a web editor or freelance writer producing copy for an agency or brand, print or...

Post by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
22nd Jun 2017

6 simple magazine tricks to make your online content more engaging

As dwindling print sales mean a shrinking media industry, so more and more journalists are eking out...

Post by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
30th May 2017

Getting to know your audience: how and why you should

This how-to guide is based on a presentation to Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) members and students...

Post by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
12th May 2017
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Your guide to managing complex processes

I have been managing processes – editorial, communications, public relations campaigns, content marketing, etc – in some way for...

Post by Helen Brooks, Content Editor
05th May 2017

A step-by-step guide to creating a successful content strategy

Most marketing professionals accept the validity of content as part of the marketing mix. The principles are...

Post by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
07th Apr 2017

The Sound of Music: happy accidents and perfect sounds (infographic)

Last year, Further worked with Technical Foam Services (TFS) to create a fascinating foam in sport infographic. When...

Post by Lee Carnihan
29th Mar 2017