Getting to know your audience: how and why you should

This how-to guide is based on a presentation to Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) members and students...

Post by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
12th May 2017
Example for complex processes article

Your guide to managing complex processes

I have been managing processes – editorial, communications, public relations campaigns, content marketing, etc – in some way for...

Post by Helen Brooks, Content Editor
05th May 2017

A step-by-step guide to creating a successful content strategy

Most marketing professionals accept the validity of content as part of the marketing mix. The principles are...

Post by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
07th Apr 2017

The Sound of Music: happy accidents and perfect sounds (infographic)

Last year, Further worked with Technical Foam Services (TFS) to create a fascinating foam in sport infographic. When...

Post by Lee Carnihan
29th Mar 2017

Further nominated for four European Search Awards

We’re delighted to announce that Further has been shortlisted for four European Search Awards this year: Best...

Post by Steve Jaggard
16th Mar 2017
Image of woman standing by red car

Creating content that builds brand and engages audiences: classic car enthusiasts

The Further content team love delving into people’s passions and knowledge about their favourite subjects. Early in...

Post by Helen Brooks, Content Editor
28th Feb 2017

What is content marketing and how do you do it?

Great storytellers tend to use two tricks of the trade. The first is to send characters on...

Post by Gill, Head of Content Marketing
12th Dec 2016

Five free content monitoring tools to help you track topical themes and user engagement

You’ve laboured to craft your finest content. From fonts, to mobile-friendly layout, to eye-catching video and sweet touches...

Post by Dan Coman
27th Oct 2016

Five ideation tips

There’s a nagging question that every content marketer faces: what’s next? You’ve won awards and acclaim for...

Post by Dan Coman
07th Oct 2016

Looking back on what you learned about content marketing in 2016 … yes, 2016

  Let’s fast forward to January 2017. You’re looking at the numbers for last year’s marketing campaign....

Post by Paul Hill
27th Jan 2016