Further nominated for four European Search Awards

We’re delighted to announce that Further has been shortlisted for four European Search Awards this year: Best...

Post by Steve Jaggard
16th Mar 2017

What marketers can learn from Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalisation

At the weekend I watched the latest Adam Curtis documentary, Hypernormalisation, the BBC iPlayer. It’s two hours...

Post by Gill
10th Jan 2017
The importance of strategy in a disposable world

The importance of strategy in a disposable world

‘I can’t believe it’s February already… where is the year going?!’ How many times have you heard a...

Post by Richard Willner
09th Jan 2017

In search of search: the history of Further

Further co-founder Steve Jaggard describes the early days of the search marketing agency that he co-founded with...

Post by Gill
07th Dec 2016

Incrementalism: how to achieve small things that make all the difference

Something I’ve been referencing quite a lot recently in discussions about work and in meetings is the...

Post by Dan Coman
24th Nov 2016

The three pillars of a great client relationship

The myth Head-turning threads, easy charm and champagne by the jeroboam. Pop culture paints a glamorous portrait...

Post by Shelli Wright
17th Nov 2016