Google’s evolution over two decades

Invention and evolution are the two common themes of Google’s near 20-year history. From the invention of...

Post by Rob Welsby
03rd Jun 2016

The end of the Wild West Web

Three long-term trends for digital marketers Look back 10 years and you’ll see a strange, unfamiliar digital...

Post by Steve Jaggard
03rd Jun 2016

Our favourite marketing campaigns of 2015

There is nothing we love more than a fantastic marketing campaign and this year we have seen...

Post by Amanda Bunn
17th Dec 2015

Scepticism is a healthy part of SEO (or, why Wikipedia has NOT received a Google penalty)

A couple of weeks ago, SimilarWeb published an article with the sensationalist title “Is Wikipedia Being Hit...

Post by Rob Welsby
14th Aug 2015

As you sprint to keep up, slow down and think

Having sat and listened to industry leaders and one of the industry’s most recognised futurologists recently at,...

Post by Steve Jaggard
04th Jul 2013

Fail fast or learn from what works? SearchLove, content strategies and the future of SEO

Test and learn. Try something, explore what works, measure what doesn’t, and adapt. Fail fast, learn quickly,...

Post by Paul Hill
30th Oct 2012

Seven questions every chief executive should ask about search and social marketing

“We should have thousands of fans on Facebook. We should be top of Google’s search rankings. While I’m...

Post by Paul Hill
26th Oct 2012

The fall of low quality voucher & price comparison sites in the UK

Isn’t it annoying when you search for a company or brand in Google only to be presented...

Post by Rob Welsby
13th Apr 2011

20 Online Trends To Watch In 2011

I recently got sent an excellent publication by JWT with their 100 things to watch in 2011....

Post by Steve Jaggard
17th Jan 2011

Paperchase – A company with a big problem

Funnily enough, I was just writing a lengthly post about social media and SEO when the Paperchase...

Post by Steve Jaggard
11th Feb 2010