Matthew Eastaugh Data Analyst

Having been interested in both mathematics and computing from an early age (starting off back in the days of the BBC Micro), and experimenting with building websites while at high school, my first major challenge in adult life was to find a way to collectively make use of these skills and interests. It was with great happiness, therefore, after graduating from the UEA with my degree in computing, that I found my way to Archant to work as an online analyst for six years.

I started at Further in May 2013, and here I continue to learn and pick up new skills, while also providing in-depth data analysis that makes a real difference to our work with clients. That and slowly building a collection of small wooden animals on my desk.

When I’m not busy with spreadsheets, I spend my free time indulging one of my many other interests in things I’m not really any good at. As such, you can often find me posting badly filtered photographs to Instagram, failing to get past the first level in one of many Xbox games, or as my wife lovingly refers to it, ‘attempting to cook’.