Mark Hannant Head of Search

Being entwined in a broad range of Internet-related work for over 10 years has meant that I’ve seen my fair share of both white and less than white websites across a range of colourful industries. Specialising in SEO meant that I could really hone my skills, and working at Further has enabled me to share ideas and continue my knowledge in the fast moving search industry.

As an avid link builder I love helping clients to achieve a slew of top rankings. My mission is to optimise channels of opportunity for clients – making sure their online marketing budgets are used in the most advantageous areas.

Outside of work I like being just that – outside. I love exploring new places and I’m also partial to the finer things in life such as Michelin star restaurants and good quality rum. I can’t imagine a world without music so you can regularly find me skanking to drum and bass, jungle, ska and reggae at the usual Norwich haunts.