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Steve Jaggard


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What the job title doesn’t say…

Steve is passionate about creativity and standards in the sector:

“We set out to challenge the status quo when we started Further, bringing commercial marketing expertise to the ever-evolving and thankfully more measurable world of digital marketing.”  

As Further has grown, Steve’s role has seen him working with co-founder Zak on the agency’s vision and future strategy. “We want to be continually challenging ourselves.”

This means he’s out of the office a lot, meeting potential clients, industry influencers and agency heads to help develop the business, but

“I also still love to throw the odd concept (or 10) into a team creative pitch when asked.”

From being a business studies graduate specialising in marketing, Steve’s career path led from working for agencies to founding them.  

I started as a Conceptual Copywriter becoming a Creative Director, and finally to Brand and Marketing Consultancy within offline agencies before starting Further (my third agency business) with Zak in 2006.”

Steve has also lectured on brand and marketing effectiveness, areas which have become more relevant to many aspects of digital as search engines, social media and content marketing evolves.

I’ve worked with a number of what you might call ‘big juicy household name brand giants’, but you never really have ownership and it’s usually short-term. To be honest, what inspires me more is what we are doing now: taking challenger and mid-tier brands and using insight to guide and help us deliver the strategies that show an improvement in results – not just over three or six months but on a continuous long-term basis. I believe that keeping those client relationships fresh, strong and growing is what sets the really good agencies and consultancies apart.”

“People say I’m an outgoing optimist who wears his heart on his sleeve,” says Steve with no argument from us, adding “I’m fiercely proud of the business, its people and what we are achieving.”

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