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User-centred Design & Build


We know that great web design is an essential part of your online presence. But design is just as much about how your site works as how it looks. Our designers combine commercial awareness with user requirements to create compelling designs. Our work won’t stop when your site goes live either – we like to continue to work with you and provide you with ongoing support that fine-tunes your site’s performance and enables you to gain advantage from new web technology to satisfy ever-changing user expectations.

The Further approach

We work closely with you to fully understand your customers’ needs. Before we can start designing your site, it’s important to identify who uses your site, how they use it and what your - and their - desired outcomes are.

Our design and determination of the user experience process is constructed around four key areas:

  • Creation of personas & scenarios
  • Interaction design / Information Architecture
  • Usability testing
  • Visual design

Once we have a user-centred plan and site process in place we will:

  • Fully include you (and ideally representative customers) in the design process from start to finish
  • Ensure the design fully embodies your values and your brand
  • Make it easy for the end user to do the things on your site that you want them to
  • Combine creative excellence and design focused on conversion

Why use Further for your design and build?

Search engine visibility and customer experience are at the heart of everything we do. We will ensure that your website is not only fully-optimised for search from day one, it will combine stunning design with intuitive usability.

  • Further’s designers and developers focus on innovation, quality and meticulous attention to detail
  • We can develop your site in ASP.net or PHP - we have experts in both
  • We build upwards from aligned business and customer objectives and recognise that your website is your shop window and should not only look nice but be a major profit generator
  • Complete skillset - we have design, programming, copywriting and Internet marketing skills in-house
  • Our design service is comprehensive and affordable

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