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Social Media Marketing


Social media has disrupted traditional patterns of how businesses engage with their customers. Each social network is different – and used correctly they can help you build your brand awareness, establish credibility and talk directly with your customers.

It can also:

  • Create a buzz about your products and services and help you generate new business
  • Increase traffic to your website and provide you with important feedback
  • Enable two-way relationships in which your most valuable customers become brand advocates

Why do I need a social media strategy?

The Further approach

The best social media strategies start with an understanding of content – what material your target audience will be interested in and what they will want to share. Once you have content plans in place, a social media strategy needs to cover:

  • What channels are the best for your business – whether blogs or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.
  • An understanding of social media channel optimisation: how to make sure your content appears prominently in the newsfeed of your target audience.
  • What results you could achieve and the results you should expect from using social media
  • What you are going to say
  • When you are going to say it
  • How you are going to measure it
  • The workflows you need to help deliver it.
  • How your social media account(s) will interact with your other marketing efforts

How does Further’s social media strategy deliver results?

Our social media strategy ensures that your online presence and social campaigns will have both clear and measurable objectives. Our step-by-step plan is:

  • Consumer-centric – as you interact with your customers you’ll understand them better and improve your reputation.
  • Trackable – knowing who is viewing your profile and the reasons why allows your marketing efforts to be even more targeted and effective
  • Ongoing – once you have your profile set up you can continue to expand your presence
  • Adaptable – your strategy can be used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, even offline ones, to ensure a holistic approach that guarantees maximum return on investment.

What will my social media strategy include?

The social media strategy we create for you will:

  • Set goals and benchmarks to clearly define what it is you want to achieve through social media. We will outline your objectives, which will be specific to your business. We will also identify Key Performance Indicators, so you can measure what works and what doesn’t.
  • Suggest the appropriate channels to effectively communicate your message
  • Set out your ‘tone of voice’ so you can engage with your customers in a clear and consistent way
  • Lay out a structured social media policy for your employees to protect your brand’s reputation
  • Include best practice guidelines so you know what you should and shouldn’t say. These will be standard recommendations that Further will explain to ensure you can run your social media account(s) easily
  • Include Engagement guidelines: These bespoke guidelines will look at what your company is trying to achieve by using social media; a checklist that will cover your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin use.
  • Reporting: Further will identify the best tools to manage, monitor and report on your social media use
  • A bespoke social media engagement and content plan – this will help you engage and facilitate conversations with your friends and followers over time

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