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Welcome to the new Further site

16:21 on Mon, 29 Oct 2012 | 0 Comments

After three years, Further has been given a new suit of clothes.

Not only have we refreshed the brand identity but you are now looking at the new-look website.

So have we changed it for the sake of change?  Not at all.

The industry we are working in has changed immeasurably over the past few years; and whilst Further has come to be recognised as a leading UK search agency, we have been busy engaging, on behalf of our clients, in far more than just SEO and PPC.

Over the past twelve months, Further has kept ahead of the game by embracing content marketing in a big way, enabling the seamless integration of marketing campaigns across search and social channels.

The competition is changing and the winners will be organisations that understand the potential of their brands and can create compelling, relevant stories that gain impact and genuine engagement with their audiences. As marketing experts first and foremost, we believe Further is perfectly placed to take advantage of this long overdue shift, which is why we have invested heavily in content expertise, both written and visual.

Consequently, if you are a client seeking greater volumes of first time visitors and customers, then Further will ensure those potential customers find you using the correct mix of channels for you. Then, once you have them on the hook, we'll also help you to plan how to discuss and interact with them online to increase the chances of them becoming advocates and buyers. Again based on and guided by a pre-set content strategy.

Of course, the last thing you'd want is to lose them before they've been landed in your net. So Further will be there to ensure you convert those new customers once they are on your site, via a range of conversion testing and optimising services. Activities we've been impressing a number of key clients with over the past 18 months.

We think this adds up to a very exciting time ahead for Further and our clients; and the new-look brand and website has been changed to deliberately reflect this more innovative, social and creative nature of our offering to the market place.

And the descriptor line? Well, as you'd expect, we have moved from "search marketing" and will be using a line that instantly conveys the wider nature of our services moving forward. "Your online marketing partner" suggests this new broader offering but, most importantly, the word "partner" is a direct playback from a number of our clients. Clients who feel that Further is less like an agency, and more like a trusted partner. They tell us they have come to rely on Further for efficiency, results and service and we very much liked that thought, so have decided to include it as part of our descriptor.

In terms of the site itself, we've added new photos for each of our growing team and a flourish of illustration to our case studies. I hope you find them interesting and informative. We've also added a new area, "The Vault", which we believe will add great value to your visits over time.  This is the place where we will deposit various golden industry nuggets -  research, white papers, polls and best practise - that we believe could be priceless for you and your colleagues.

We hope you like what you see and we would genuinely welcome your honest feedback.


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