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There's snow stopping those France Show visitors.

21:47 on Mon, 1 Feb 2010 | 0 Comments

When online ticket registrations for France Show 2010 reached record levels by the end of December, the Further team and the client were celebrating – and looking forward to another big audience for this annual Earls Court celebration of France and French living.

Then everything that could go wrong, did indeed go wrong!!

Firstly, the weather for the weekend of the Show turned out to be the worst weekend possible, with many parts of the UK suffering their worst snowfall for years. To make things worse, the 24 hour media were warning everyone to stay at home "unless your trip is essential'. Great, many thanks for that BBC, ITV and Sky!

Things were not looking rosy. But to top things off, the day before show opening we discovered that the two tube stations closest to the Earls Court venue were to close over the weekend. Complete nightmare!

So imagine our delight, and amazement, to see that over 15,000 people rushed through the doors out of the icy conditions over the three days of the event. In addition, the event attracted more press than ever before, with a number of high quality travel media in attendance for the first time.

While, as you'd expect, numbers were well down on the previous year, exhibitors were praising the quality of the audience – an audience Further helps to attract each year via a combination of SEO, PPC, Twitter and Facebook.

We all expected that those who braved the conditions must be die-hard France Show repeat visitors, but the best news of all was revealed following the post-Show ticket tracking analysis – the fact that over 42% of those who attended had never visited the France Show before.

Now that's a stat that makes us feel warm all over!

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