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Teams, tablets and Chu'spaper suits!

20:51 on Mon, 25 Jul 2011 | 0 Comments

In the midst of a month of rain, the sun finally, and very thankfully, shone on the righteous as the Further team took to the streets for ‘the GPS Challenge’ as part of our 5th birthday celebrations.


Organised by Kent-based events company Wildgoose, the GPS Challenge 
was a Treasure Hunt with a difference, an event which saw four Further teams armed with electronic tablets hunting out the hotspots on foot to discover and answer the next clue.

The city map was blitzed with so many hotspots to reach that it seemed an impossible task – at least without the odd refreshment/pub stop. Which really did help in loosening the mind and body for some of the camera antics and stunts the teams were made to perform, often alongside scores of bewildered strangers.

After four plus hours in the sun (and the star, the woolpack, the red lion, the compleat angler), we were then ferried off to the Rivergarden (yes, another pub) for the grand prize-giving ceremony, riverside bbq and more beverages before the hardened party animals zipped back into the city centre until long past the wee hours!

The GPS Challenge was great fun, with a single point separating the top two teams at the finish. Commiserations to Team Three, however, who cried foul claiming that their battery had run out after two hours; so guess where they ended up? Yes, last on points, and yes, in the pub!

Highlight of the day had to be the large screen presentations of each team’s photographic challenges while on the hunt. These ranged from the hilarious to the unrepeatable, with Mr Chu dressed in a beautifully crafted suit made of newspaper possibly the pick. For a moment, Peter, we thought your dress sense had changed for the better!  Mention must be made, also, of Amy's so so convincing levitation act !

Well done to the winners on the day, Team Two made up of Joe, Rachel, Chris, Rob and Colin who took away massive trophies and some sharp souvenir medals. A great day and a fun way to say ‘Happy 5th Birthday Further!’

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