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SubscriptionSave passes £1m revenue!

11:30 on Fri, 2 Mar 2012 | 1 Comment

It's always rewarding when a new innovation really comes off for a client - so the announcement that SubscriptionSave.co.uk had reached the £1m landmark meant a great deal to the Further team.

Working in close partnership with members of the client team, SubscriptionSave.co.uk was created and developed as an experiment to help the client to lower the cost of magazine subscriptions and trials for their wide-ranging portfolio, which includes market-leading glossy titles in the Lifestyle, Travel, Leisure and Specilaist Hobbies sectors.

The new brand, also created by Further, had to launch from a standing start against the likes of the long-standing and market-dominant multi-publisher subscription portals such as magazine-group and letssubscribe - where the client's own titles had previously been sold.

Through a co-ordinated strategy of Further's online marketing and the client's in-title advertising, this first single-publisher subs platform was launched just 23 months ago.  Despite being a brand new domain, the marketing got off to a very positive start and within 12 months of going live the site had taken over 16,410 new orders at a significantly lower cost per acquisition than other portals and advertising were providing.

Despite the economic climate in which consumers have cut back on non-essential spending, progress has continued, culminating in the great news just announced as the site passed the £1m revenue mark. 

Paul Upton, Web Manager on SubscriptionSave.co.uk was thrilled by the way in which the whole project has come together and worked. "Further have helped us to achieve some fantastic results over the last two years on SubscriptionSave.co.uk", he comments.  "Their expertise in both search and user-centric design and development has enabled us to continuously grow both traffic and sales."

A new dedicated SubscriptionSave.co.uk/mobile site was launched only last month to target new audiences and keep up the sales momentum.

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Martin Lott

Martin Lott • Years ago

Hope we can reach one million revenue at fyfo.co.uk