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Small business, big SEO exposure.

16:33 on Wed, 28 Oct 2009 | 1 Comment

The beauty of SEO is that, with a little smarter thinking, SMEs can outgun their bigger-spending competitors. Further client Steven Brooks Photographer is a great example.

Based in Kent, here’s a one-man photography business who has been forward-thinking enough to recognise the value of search to the future of his business.

He came to Further for a new site, www.stevenbrooksphotographer.co.uk , which would give him the platform to launch an effective SEO campaign. Patient enough to recognise that organic search would not yield instant results, the client is now reaping the rewards from his monthly investment.

Try a search for ‘wedding photographer’ and Steven Brooks lies in the coveted #1 spot in Google.

“Further has demonstrated to me that SEO can really provide a return for a business like mine” says Steven. “From the rankings Further has achieved for me, I am receiving a continuous flow of new business enquiries and bookings.”

As for the downside of a great little case study like this? Well, we at Further receive at least 2 enquiries a week from rival photography businesses wanting the same rankings for the same key terms as Steven Brooks. Being ethical, we obviously can’t have two clients competing for the same core terms – but hey, we’re just delighted to be working with a client like Steven Brooks.

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Norwich Wedding Photographer

Norwich Wedding Photographer • Years ago

Yes the site is very optimised, not sure if it will get past the recent panda updates.